Professor van Veen was recently named as an Allen Distinguished Investigator. We are beyond grateful to the Allen Institute for their regonition and support.

This funding will allow us to pursue collaborative projects between the van Veen lab and the labs of Stephanie Correa and Annegret Falkner. Together, we will reveal the cellular and molecular effects of sex hormones beyond their roles in reproduction. Our overarching goal is to illuminate the wide-ranging impact of sex hormones on wide range of physiology.

Single-cell RNA sequencing has revolutionized our understanding of cellular heterogeneity, enabling us to explore gene expression at an unprecedented level of resolution. However, the complexity of scRNA-seq data demands sophisticated computational techniques and user-friendly interfaces that empower researchers from diverse backgrounds to harness its full potential. We have developed a suite of web-based tools that enable users to explore and analyze scRNA-seq data without the need for programming expertise.

In 2020, we profiled heterogeneity of the ventromedial hypothalamus. You can query genes of interest in our dataset to explore their expression here. You can also examine coexpression of genes of interest with other genes in the ventromedial hypothalamus.

In 2021 we profiled the response of various neural cell types to the cancer drug, tamoxifen. You can explore the differential expression of genes of interest in neurons and different types of glial cells here.

27 Sep 2023 by Ed van Veen

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